The Benefits of Cross-Channel Customer Support

  • 95%: Say customer service plays into brand loyalty
  • 60%: Switch companies after 1 just instance of poor customer service

Personalize Messaging Across Different Channels

  • Email: Email is the most popular customer service channel with 98% preferring email to reach support teams. That said, it makes sense that almost all businesses have an email support center even as they are only starting out.
  • Phone: Calling continues to be one of the most preferred support channels with half of customers from various age groups using it. However, it’s worth noting that the younger generation is not as keen on this mode of communication, partly due to an on-demand culture and the aversion to waiting in long call queues.
  • Live Chat: A communication method often made readily accessible on websites through popups, live chat offers convenient and real-time communication for customers. It is most helpful for buyers who need assistance as they are evaluating products.
  • Social Media: Much like live chat, social media messaging is popular for customers who are in the middle of browsing through your content. Some examples of social media apps used for customer support include Facebook Messenger, Instagram messaging, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Twitter DM.
  • SMS: Aside from digital channels, there’s also a percentage of customers that prefer text message support. This can be attributed to the fact that customers are not too keen on waiting in a long phone call line.
  • Self-Service: To cap off this list, self-service is also becoming a popular support channel for customers with 67% preferring to help themselves over interacting with a company representative.

Boosting Customer Relationships

Customer Satisfaction

  • Make your brand more accessible to customers
  • Allow customers to contact you via their preferred channels
  • Provide real-time assistance to online buyers as they browse your website
  • Resolve customer concerns more quickly and effectively

Customer Loyalty

Customer Experience

Improve Customer Support Performance

Improved Operational Efficiency

Increased Sales Opportunities

Helpware Agents Are An Extension Of Your Team




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